Loving What I Do

Photography, Videography, I get excited just holding a camera. I am continuously trying to learn more and more about the craft so that I can be sure to deliver amazing content to my clients. I’m currently binge watching YouTube photographers all over the world lol. 

Preface: From Lifting & Lenses

Why I got started in Health and Wellness, and why I am passionate about photography…

Helping others

Probably the most common reason that most decide to get into health and fitness and I’m no different in that regard. I love watching my clients reach their goals, whether they be weight loss, or strength gains, or to fit into a smaller pant size or wedding dress. It all makes it worth it at the end of the day. I am still in the personal training field and don’t know that I will ever fully leave that life, (I did manage to get a degree in Sports Medicine) 

Leaving my mark on the world…

Well, it is important to be remembered! I love watching my clients get what they want out of their fitness programs and it certainly gives me a feeling of importance. My clients aren’t just clients, they’re also friends, some as close as family in many aspects. On the photography side I’m looking forward to being a part of peoples special moments by capturing them with my camera for them to cherish for years to come.