Love my work… now what?

I have always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur and running my own business, and my personal training business has done well for me but having fun after work is important too. I’m currently looking for my passion outside of health and fitness and all things entrepreneurial. I’m thinking that I will try my hand at photography and videography outside of the fitness variety. Thats what I want this personal blog page to be about. Having a good time outside of work!

Why I chose health and fitness

Helping others…

Probably the most common reason that most decide to get into health and fitness and I’m no different in that regard. I love watching my clients reach their goals, whether they be weight loss, or strength gains, or to fit into a smaller pant size or wedding dress. It all makes it worth it at the end of the day.  

Leaving my mark on the world…

Well, it is important to be remembered! Yeah I love watching my clients get what they want out of their fitness programs but there is a huge desire for me to also be important. My clients aren’t just clients, they’re also friends, many as close as family in many aspects. That really does mean a lot to me.